Like Leggings Wholesaler’s Briefs :

Like Leggings Wholesaler’s Briefs :

Hi! here you can find our quality product of Leggings details. We are introduce three types of Like’s Leggings,
1. VIRUBA LEGGINGS :  Starts @ Rs. 6*.**/-
Viruba is available anytime. This is madeup of 100% cotton material(wearer friendly) about 160-180 gsm with variety of colours. This is the most economical model and going successfully in domestic market.

2. AASA LEGGINGS :  Starts @ Rs. 7*.**/-

This is the export quality legging madeup of 97/3 to 95/5 cotton lycra fabric. The colours depends on market export surplus fabric availability. Like’s Aasa Leggings is most successfull model of domestic market. Commonly our domestic clients are like to using aasa leggings on their shops.

3.LEIOZ LEGGINGS : Starts @ Rs. 9*.**/-
This is the good name of our company in 100% export quality. It is compared as branded materials. This is the lycra jersey leggings, you can choose colours and sizes because that would madeup of your msmnt, your colours, your qty and specially manufacture for you. nill shrink, nill spirality and great colour fastness is thats key. 

S = 40”  - M = 42” - L = 44”  - XL - 46”  - XXl = 48”



Delivery Terms :

  • After Payments Get Sample Pieces or BULKS as per your requirements
  • Minimum order 100pcs ( Mixed )
  • Contact via mobile get samples retail rates and include courier charge
  • You have to confirm your orders in the same mail
  • Don’t forget to mention SUBJECTS for Samples or BULKS
  • Bulk orders transportation by To-PAY
  • Contact : +91 98659 44221

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