Leggings wholesales. starts Rs.75/-

We have plain leggings and with different variety of colors. All of which are high quality fabric type for you comfort specially this season. We also have wholesale clothing for women and children.

Fabric : cotton + lycra mixed leggings
Colour : 16 colours available
Size : S, M, L, XL, XXl,

Contact : 9500988851

 Leggings ( XXL )

  • Waist - Slimmest part of the natural waistline, above navel and below ribcage
  • Inseam length - Length from the crotch to the bottom hem
  • Length / Outseam length - Length from the waistband to the bottom hem
  • Hip - Widest part of the body below the waist
  • Thigh - Widest measurement around top of leg 
  • Bottom opening/Poocha - Around leg at bottom hem
The diagram provides garment measurements which will be different from your body measurement depending on whether the garment is supposed to be loose or tight fitting.

  • to fit waist - 30 inches

  • inseam length - 37 inches
  • outseam length - 46 inches
( Leggings measurements shown will have a tolerance of 0.5 inches/1.25 cm. All measurements shown are of the garment. )

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